Java-basierte Mailinglisten-Anwendung, die auf IMAP+SMTP aufsetzt, und damit (fast) jede Mailbox in eine Mailingliste verwandeln kann.
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Welcome to Widerhall!

What is Widerhall?

Widerhall is the german word for reverberation.

This is a software dedicated to the creation of mailing lists without knowhow regarding mailservers.

All you need to create a mailing list with Widerhall is this software and an IMAP-enabled email address.

How does it work?

After you started the software, you go to it's front page, set up an admin account.

Then, as admin, you can create mailing lists by just entering the respective login credentials into this software.

When enabling a list, this software connects to the respective mailbox and waits for incoming messages. Everytime a message is received, the software forwards it to any subscriber of that list.

How does subscription work?

You can make public every mailing list you create. All public mailing lists are presented on Widerhall`s front page. Visitors may join each of the public mailing lists by hitting the subscribe button. They need to enter their name and email address. After that, they receive a confirmation email with a link, that completes their subscription.

Is it free?

Yes. Widerhall is FOSS, which stands for Free Open Source Software. That means everyone can obtain a free copy of the source code and use it on it`s own behalf.


Refer to Instructions for hints on setup and maintenance.

Current state

This software is brand new and may contain bugs. Regard it as alpha state, do not use in production environments!